Rave Reviews

“Finally a book that gives the REAL secret. Attraction comes from working, not waiting. If you’re looking to attract wealth, if you’re looking to attract success, even if you’re looking to attract more sales, this is a book that will give you a formula that will actually work. It’s not a secret, it’s an action. Buy the book and take some action for yourself.”

“Overall, it's a good solid book on direct marketing, with something of value for everybody.”

"Gravitational Marketing cuts through all the hype and misinformation often surrounding good marketing practices and gives you a roadmap to achieving measurable success. I strongly recommend it."

“A serious look at marketing that made me laugh out loud! Gravitational Marketing is something anyone can use and everyone can afford. These guys get it!”

"Reading this book can put zeros on your income and customers in your business. It will challenge everything you believe about what it takes to get people to do business with you. This book takes marketing to a whole new level!"

"This book will transform your marketing mindset in ways you never thought possible. It's packed with ideas to empower your entrepreneurial engine to new heights."

"Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller have reinvented the art of sales and marketing. Gravitational Marketing: The Science Of Attracting Customers can teach even the biggest skeptics how to increase sales...without even trying."

"Gravitational Marketing is about creating irresistible attraction, but in your marketing and not just your personal magnetism. You'll find out how to make you, your company and your products and services attractive to customers without pounding them over the head. Gravitational Marketing is a doorway to the next step in the evolution of marketing. Do what this book says to do and you'll make more money andhave more fun doing it."

"Customers are cool. So too is knowing how to attract more of them. This is the truth about your business and how to get more of it."

"Just spend ten minutes reading a few pages of this book and you'll be able to crush your competition and make your sales soar!"

"Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller are the Penn & Teller of Marketing. They cut through the BS and reveal the "secret" behind attracting customers. Like all tricks in life it's a lot easier than everyone thinks it is and Jimmy and Travis make it so anyone can grab more than their fair share immediately."

“If you love to cold call and can’t wait to spend money on expensive advertising then this book is not for you. But if you’re one of the millions of sales and marketing professionals who want to sell more and work less and who wish for a better way, then read this book right now. Gravitational Marketing lays out a compelling case for a better approach and tells you everything you need to know about the science of attraction. But first you must dare yourself to be unconventional.”

"Every business in the world should buy several copies of GRAVITATIONAL MARKETING and keep them close by at all times... Why? Because this is A REVOLUTIONARY BOOK that can turn their businesses around in no time flat! Get this book and get MORE of the best prospective buyers to give you MORE of their money MORE often with MORE efficiency than ever before!"

"Want to take your business to the next level? This refreshing book delivers innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and attract the quality of customers you want, need, and deserve. Read it and reap."

“It’s not often that someone puts together EVERYTHING you need to know about emotional direct-response marketing, all in one place! And that’s not just for ‘BIG business’ either! This stuff is especially useful for small business owners!”

"Being attractive is hard work unless you can ignore the bad advice given you every day. Marketers by nature don't want to learn anything new, so the few of us who anxiously grab at new thinkers make all the money. That's where Vee and Miller come in, with their Ineffective Ruts Be Damned philosophy. Whoever has the balls to put into practice what it takes to be "gravitational" will get his money's worth and more. Oh and if you don't care to find out, then ask the person who replaces you to buy this book."

"Finally someone does it! Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller reveal how to REALLY attract customers! These guys are outrageously astute marketers. Read this book and you will glean a number of powerful new marketing ideas that you can instantly use in your business. Conversational, insightful and packed with tons of business building ideas. Pure Genius!"

“This book is full of great tips that are bound to ignite your marketing imagination.”

"This book is contraband! It flies in the face of conventional wisdom and delivers a powerful and fun perspective on what it takes to get customers in today's marketplace. Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller show you how easy it is to attract customers and exactly what you need to do to get them to take notice and seek you out."

Gravitational Marketing is a comprehensive guide…that will drive a consistent flow of ideal target prospects to your business. I believe it is a must read for any business owner seeking higher profits.

"Gravitational Marketing takes lofty ideas to even greater heights."

"Read this book because YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO. Travis and Jimmy deliver timeless marketing knowledge transcending all conventions that seamlessly transforms into laser-like tactical programs guaranteed to generate more sales in your business and more money in your pocket than you ever thought possible. Real people achieve real huge results with the priceless wisdom contained within the pages of this text. Pick it up, read it, do it, and PROFIT!"

"Most people don’t have the guts to read this book. Why? Because this book is challenging. It will challenge what you believe to be true. But it’s what you believe that’s holding you back. It takes thinking and acting differently to get better than average results. These guys are the obvious experts when it comes to attracting customers. You should read to what they have to say and then do what they recommend."

"There is no shortage of marketing information out there. Most of it written by dedicated students and academics who've yet to make their own fortune using the same supposed methods they're preaching. If you're going to take advice from someone, listen to the people who've lived it. Wisdom has a price and these guys have paid it, and if you heed their advice, perhaps you won't have to pay one yourself. They are doers who take action and practice what they preach. And THAT'S what makes you credible."

"No entrepreneur can achieve massive success without a lot of marketing savvy. However, most of what is written about marketing is by academics. While it may sound good, it’s of no help at all as the authors have never been in the trenches.
Gravitational Marketing is completely different. You are offered lots of proven techniques to become more successful. You can immediately put these to use by three highly successful ‘street smart’ authors who walk the talk—Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller & Joel Bauer.
I recommend you get it and devour it at once."

"Get your feet off the desk. This is hot stuff! Once again, Jimmy and Travis create a new marketing mold. Gravitational Marketing is a more efficient and and less stressful platform designed to get business to come to you."

"Gravitational Marketing tells it like it is. Hard-sell, in-your-face, ego-driven marketing is out, and attraction-based, value-driven, relationship-oriented marketing is in. To succeed in this newlandscape, you'll need a road map, and this book is one of the best. If you'd rather pull customers toward your business naturally than be a pushy salesperson, Gravitational Marketing is the approach you've been looking for."

 C.J. Hayden, Author, Get Clients Now