How To Host A TwitterView

The social media craze is sweeping the nation. The number of users is growing like wildfire but the big question is how to use this new, exciting technology to grow your business and make a profit.

If you've ever experimented with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter you're familiar with its potential for being a sucking vortex of time. It's highly addicting and can seem like a productive use of your time. But quite often, you find that what you spent hours on was virtually worthless.

The big secret is to be able to use social media to move your business forward, build equity and stimulate sales with just a small amount of time invested.

A big principle of Gravitational Marketing is to position yourself at the center of your target market's universe. Be the go to guy or gal for your industry, business niche or profession.

One way to do that is to associate yourself with already recognized celebrities and experts. By putting yourself next to these folks you can up your status and position in short order.

In addition to the benefit that comes from the mere association, you also get the benefit of providing high quality content to your loyal fans and followers. Content is king. That saying is true on many levels.

For attracting friends and followers, for getting higher search engine rankings and for generating leads nothing works better than content. You have to give value first if you expect to get anything in return. You must have a relationship before you can have a customer.

A great way to create content is to interview people. But the standard interviewing process can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Phone lines, conference calls, recording, editing, uploading… it's all a lot of work.

But what if you could do an interview that produced great content, was beneficial to both you and the person you interviewed and could be done in just a matter of minutes and on a platform where people could really experience the interview real time?

That's a TwitterView.

What is a TwitterView?

A TwitterView is a one-on-one interview that occurs over Twitter.

In the next few pages we're going to show you our method for approaching someone, inviting them to participate, and conducting a TwitterView. We'll also give you some strategies for leveraging your TwitterView for increased exposure, generating new followers and generating traffic to your website, sales pages or blog.

Inviting Someone To Participate In A TwitterView:

The first step is to indentify someone that is currently on Twitter that your target audience would find interesting. We recommend that you make a list of the top 10 Twitter-ers that you'd like to conduct a TwitterView with.

Once you have your top 10 TwitterView list you'll want to send them all a DM (direct message) like the one below.

Some people don't respond to Direct Messages. If that's the case you may want to try to contact them via telephone or email and invite them to participate. Or you may choose to not interview someone who won't respond to a DM. The choice is yours.

D @TwitterName I'd like to conduct a TwitterView with U. 7 questions. 15 minutes. Fun & Informative. More info @ http://bit.ly/1anv3X

The link in the message goes to an information page we've set up to give your TwitterViewee more information about how the interview will go.

Feel free to take this information, tweak it and upload it to a page of your own that you host on your personal site. But if you don't want to go through all that hassle you can just use our page.

The reality is, if you invite all ten people on your list to do a TwitterView you'll only get a few to actually respond and do the TwitterView with you. It's just the law of response. Some will, some won't… NEXT.

Don't get discouraged. Keep inviting and keep conducting TwitterViews. The more TwitterViews you conduct, the more people will want to be on with you and the more content you will generate. It really is a win-win for everyone.

Promoting Your TwitterView


Once you've booked your TwitterView, you'll want to promote it. Promoting your TwitterView will give your twitter followers an opportunity to be around for the interview and at the same time create some anticipation and buzz about it. If done properly, the anticipation and buzz alone will get you some new followers.

You may also want to encourage your TwitterViewee to send a few pre-TwitterView tweets. We've written a few promotional tweets below for you to use. Don't feel like you have to use these word for word. These are just a few ideas to get your creative copywriting juices flowing.

You may want to write tweets based on who your TwitterVeiwee is and what you will be discussing during the TwitterView.

  • I'm conducting an exclusive live "TwitterView" with @ThomScott this Thursday at 7:00 PM (EST). 5 strategies for building a lasting legacy.
  • Join me tomorrow for a live "TwitterView" about "Marketing From The Heart" with @ThomScott at 7:00 PM (EST). Don't miss it!
  • I'm being "TwitterViewed" tomorrow by @bigideaguy -- Sharing top 5 tips for creating a lasting legacy. 7:00 PM (EST), live on Twitter.
  • Tune in Thursday at 7:00 PM (EST) for a live "TwitterView" with me and @bigideaguy. Marketing From The Heart secrets exposed. Don't miss it.

How To Conduct A TwitterView

Let us first say, there are many ways to skin a cat. There are also plenty of tools you can use to host an interview on Twitter. Our approach is very simple and very manual. No fancy software, third party applications or tricks.

Step 1: Make sure you are following the person you will be interviewing and they are following you back.

Step 2: Create a list of 7 questions you want to ask during your interview. Make sure these questions are open-ended questions. No Yes or No type. Even though answers will be limited to 140 characters you still want interesting questions so you get interesting answers.

Also make your questions relevant to the people who follow you and read your tweets. The more relevant you can make your interview to what your followers are thinking and wanting the more they will RT your interview and the stronger relationship and bond you will create with your followers. Both highly valuable goals on Twitter.

Step 3: Confirm the interview date and time on the day before the TwitterView.

Step 4: The TwitterView process is really very simple. You Tweet your question to the TwitterViewee. Start the tweet with Q1. One being the question number 1-7.

You should also use a #hashtag to make it easy for other to follow. The #hashtag we recommend is #TV (for TwitterView) and then the TwitterVeiwee's first and last initial.

So if you were interviewing Jimmy Vee (@5FtHighMktgGuy) the #hashtag would be #TVjv

@TwitterViewee Q1: Question, Question, Question? #TVjv

Step 5: They ReTweet your question to their followers.

Step 6: They reply to you with the answer the, beginning the message with A1 and ending with the same #hashtag

@TwitterViewee A1: Answer, Answer, Answer. #TVjv

Step 7: You then ReTweet their answer

Step 8: Ask the next question by repeating steps 4-7 until all the questions have been asked and all the answers have been given.

Step 9: After the TwitterView you should thank your TwitterViewee both publicly and privately.

Public Thank You:
@TwitterName WOW! Thanks for the great information and a great TwitterView.

Private Thank You:
D @TwitterName Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate you taking the time for the TwitterView today. Thanks again. You were great.

Leveraging Your TwitterView

The value of a TwitterView doesn't end when the TwitterView is over. It's actually just begins for the savvy online marketer.

There are many ways to leverage your newly created content to increase your online presence, search engine rankings and drive traffic to your web site, blog or sales pages.

You can also use this content to attract new followers even after the TwitterView is over.

Here's a short list of ways to put your content to work for you.

  1. Post the entire TwitterView to your blog
  2. Use social bookmarking sites to favorite the post.
  3. Create a Squidoo lens at Squidoo.com about the person you interviewed and include the content from the TwitterView. Don't forget to link back to your sites and their sites on the lens as well.
  4. Create a HubPage at Hubpages.com about the lens. 
  5. Use the interview to create an article and post it to article sites like EzineArticles.comCreate an audio recording of yourself talking about your TwitterView. Discuss the questions you asked and the responses your TwitterViewee gave. This should give you a nice 15-minute podcast you can post to podcast sites on the web. Don't forget to give out your web site and make an offer for more information at the end.
  6. Create a video of yourself talking about the TwitterView. Talk about who you interviewed, the questions you asked and their responses. Give your feedback on the content and share your personal thoughts and insights. Make an offer at the web and give out your web site. You might also want to give out the TwitterViewee's web site too. It's the nice thing to do. Post this video to YouTube, your blog and other video sites on the web.
  7. Create tweets about the new content you created and encourage your followers to see it and retweet it. By following these steps you can get maximum leverage off your seven-question TwitterView, increase your number of twitter followers, improve your SEO, attract prospects and make sales.