Why Chasing Prospects Doesn't Work

We're often asked for "Crib Notes" on what we've learned about small business marketing and attracting customers.

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people want a "short course" in how to attract, convert, leverage and retain the right kind of people...and how to do it immediately on a shoe-string budget.
Here are four of the most important principles we've learned about attracting customers in an easy to digest, down-n-dirty format.

Attracting customers is not a conventional process.

If you don't understand how it works, you could spend your whole life doing the wrong things, hurting your reputation, getting poor results and wasting tons of money.

The worst part about this idea is that most business people actually could be successful and create a steady stream of qualified prospects who seek them out without too much extra effort.

But here’s the scary reality. Most never will. They'll just walk through life thinking "Oh, well. I've just got to keep getting my name out there and maybe people will want to do business with me some day.” They will continue to make excuses and justifications for why a competitor always seems to have too much business while they are struggling just to eek out a so called decent living.

And the problem isn't at all THEM, it's that they just don't "get it." They don't get how and why prospects become attracted to a particular business. They don't realize that all the common, customary and ordinary things they're doing are only making them less attractive and more of a commodity.

Attraction isn't a choice, it’s a force. When done right, the prospect doesn’t make a choice between you and another business. They are attracted, pulled to you as if by a powerful, natural force.

Most of the things that business owners are doing to attract and convert prospects are actually working AGAINST them.

We always shake our heads when we think about how most business owners and entrepreneurs and sales people market themselves before they understood Gravitational Marketing® and realized how to properly attract customers.

They work so hard to get customers. They cold call, make visits, buy gifts and beg for business.
It's hard to comprehend the idea that making calls, trying to set appointments, networking, giving a gift, telling people about your business and being available whenever they need anything could actually make prospects run away from you.

But it can, and does, all the time.

Most business people never get it. They continue to do the same things over and over again. Trying harder and harder. Wasting more and more time, energy and effort. Hoping for a different result. That’s insanity. But the secret is simple. Instead of trying harder…just try something NEW.

If what you're doing isn't working…STOP.

And do something DIFFERENT.

To begin with, stop chasing prospects, hoping for customers and begging for business. Learn how to ATTRACT them. Get them to gravitate to you instead. You must learn how to use your communication skills, uniqueness, personality and strengths to leverage those very special and magical forces of captivation and invigoration.

How? Learn to tease your prospect with value, sampling and free information they can’t resist.

Prospects want solutions to their problems.

Who doesn’t right? But this is one area that is sorely missed by most entrepreneurs and sales people when they try to market themselves.

Most entrepreneurs consistently inject ego into their small business marketing and that ego reduces the effectiveness and their ability to attract prospects.

In order to effectively attract prospects and customers, you have to remove your ego and think about what your prospects and customers want. This reminds us of a very powerful quote from Zig Ziglar. He said, “You can get anything in the world you want if you only help enough other people get what they want.” He is right on with this.

You have to forget about your product and service and how great you think it is or all the wonderful things it does. Instead think about how your product or service can make your prospect’s life better, solve their problems or make their life easier. Doing this will draw people closer to you.

Don’t get us wrong here. We are not saying you shouldn’t be confident that you can help people. You should be very confident in that ability. Just don’t let your ego get so out of control that you think that your product or service is so wonderful on it’s own that people will automatically want it and beat a path to your door. In most cases, it doesn’t happen.

Good decisions are in high demand.

Everyone wants to make good decisions in their lives. The problem is good decision making requires searching, information, comparison and analysis. And doing all that can be frustrating, time consuming and costly.

This is one of the major reasons customer attraction is possible. Because people need help and want help streamlining the decision making process. They are looking for a shortcut and are willing to pay for it.

By providing information, being an expert resource and creating a buying preference you can help customers make the good decisions they are seeking and help them do it in record time. They feel good about it and you’ve got a customer. This is attraction in action.

We believe that most entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals have the NATURAL ability to communicate, market and sell their products and services in a way that makes them attract, pull and gravitate prospects and customers but the problem is they've just never "cultivated" that natural ability.

Instead culture, their parents, past experiences, traditional education and all kinds of other things have hidden and stunted the development of this talent.

Learning how to attract customers instead of chasing them is the only way we believe to run and market a successful business today. And there are many benefits to those who tap into their natural ability to do this. For instance your business and life become Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous. What more can you ask for?