Attention Small Business Owners & Independent Sales Professionals with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

"Start Attracting More Customers Now So You Can Finally Have A Business & Life That's ESP - Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous."

Discover how you can start NATURALLY attracting customers who pay more, stay longer and refer repeatedly to your small business today. Stop waiting. Get the FAME & FORTUNE you deserve now by "leap frogging" traditional hurdles and positioning yourself as the RECOGNIZED EXPERT in your field.

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Small Business Marketing Tools & Resources

On this site you’ll discover our Gravitational Marketing® tools and resources to help you:

  • Attract high quality customers to your business who pay more, stay longer and refer repeatedly

  • Eliminate the dreaded manual sales labor from your day (like cold calling, door knocking and begging for business

  • Stop wasting time, energy and cash on marketing that doesn't work. Save your frustration and your money.

  • Discover a NATURAL, "professional" way to attract customers to you and get them to SEEK YOU OUT, instead of you having to go out and chase them down.

  • Create a business and life that’s ESP—Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous

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The Science Of Attracting Customers

If you are interested in attracting customers who pay more, stay longer and refer repeatedly, you should read our small business marketing blog, and order a copy of the Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book, Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers, which may very well be the last marketing book you'll ever need to read.

Attention Car Dealers: If you are looking for information on Gravitational Marketing For Automotive Dealers click here: Automotive Marketing and Advertising Advice